We are thrilled to welcome our new Head Sommelier Vincenzo Arnese. Discover his career and his passion for wine which has started from a very young age.

Originating from Napoli, Vincenzo developed a keen interest in wine from a young age, when his grandfather made him try his homemade wine at the age of five. This moment had a strong impression on him; so much so, that he decided to study hospitality and specialise in sommellerie, while at hospitality school in Stresa in Italy.

Following this, Vincenzo went on to work for prestigious hotels in Switzerland, Italy and Australia, starting in 2010 as assistant Head Sommelier at ristorante Gli amici di Edo, in Pavia. Moving to Australia’s culinary capital, Melbourne in 2012, Vincenzo’s next roles were in some of the most prestigious establishments including Vue de Monde, one of Australia’s finest gastronomic restaurants. Leaving Australia for London, Vincenzo took the position of Head Sommelier & Wine Buyer with Heston Blumenthal in 2013.

In March 2021, Vincenzo came on board the Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester team as Head Sommelier, leading a team of five, all of whom share his objective - delivering bespoke and memorable service to all guests. He excels in advising the best pairings from the 1,000-bin wine list created with Gérard Margeon, Ducasse Paris’ Executive Wine Director. This talent stems from his capacity to listen and anticipate his guests’ expectations, combined with a new-wave approach to teamwork with Executive Chef Jean-Philippe Blondet and Restaurant Director Enrico Baronetto, and an infectious positive attitude!