Jean-Philippe Blondet

Jean-Philippe Blondet
Executive Chef

Alain Ducasse has assembled a top team of kitchen and front-of-house staff, most of whom have worked with him for many years.

Born in Nice, in the South of France, Jean-Philippe Blondet, has been working alongside Alain Ducasse for several years. His first role with Alain Ducasse was interestingly at Spoon at Sanderson in London from 2004 to 2006, where he progressed to become a Chef de Partie. Following this experience, he joined the 3-Michelin star Le Louis XV Alain Ducasse at the Hotel de Paris in Monaco, Alain Ducasse’s iconic restaurant by the Riviera.

Before returning to London and joining Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester, Jean-Philippe held the position of Sous-Chef at Spoon in Hong Kong, further adding to his international experience and satisfying his curiosity and interest in cuisines of the world.

In September 2013, he joined the team at Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester as Sous-Chef with Jocelyn Herland to quickly progress to Head Chef within 2 years. Jean-Philippe Blondet became Executive Chef at Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester in January 2016.

Jean-Philippe interprets Alain Ducasse’s cuisine in London in a contemporary and refined way. In keeping with Alain Ducasse’s philosophy, the ingredients are the key elements. Jean-Philippe only uses the freshest and most seasonal produce, strictly sourced for their quality and provenance.